Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am most probably the biggest jewelry addict you will ever encounter in your entire life. I swear I have a problem, it's my weakness. My Opa was a jeweler back in the late 60's early 70's in New York City and since I'm his only Granddaughter I basically have it all! I own a good 200 pieces of jewelry if not more, don't worry I plan on taking some pictures of my favourite pieces and posting them in the near future (like a Swarovski crystal body wrap thing that my Opa made that goes around the neck, drips down your chest to below your boobs and then wraps around your waist....looks as incredible as it sounds). Anyway here is a pretty awesome line of jewelry that I discovered on (they have THE best jewelry on this site... I swear), it's called Bijules and it's very simple, clean rings, necklaces and bangles that have an edgy twist where shapes of bones, forks, bees, and snakes are carved in gold, silver, and that amazing charcoal metal that I'm obsessed with lately. It sort of reminds me of archaeology for some reason...have a look:

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  1. cute! it reminds me of alchemie jewelry and this

  2. alkemie* amazingg

  3. OMG those are amazing!! Ya it's very similar.