Sunday, May 16, 2010


Here are a couple of things I've created/helped create in the past. I've included images of just a few of some of the styling boards I did at FIT a while back where I had to style a look in relation to a celebrity. I chose Kate Bosworth because I think she has amazing style and so I had to make a styling board reflecting her style using fabrics from Mood fabrics in NYC and I had to make another styling board reflecting Kate's home. I used a lot of textures and prints and layered images and used different thicknesses of boards to create a 3-D effect.

The other images are photo shoots I helped out at for Women's Wear Daily last summer. I seriously never knew just how tedious photo shoots are! They take ALL day long and require a lot of patience. The photo shoot for the products was actually really hard to do because we (the photographer, art stylist, and myself) had to create that cracked cement look which was extremely difficult to create. That day was hilarious though because I had no clue what kind of a photo shoot I was going to be helping out for, the M&D department at Conde Nast just sent me there for the day, and so I was wearing all black and I arrived at WWD and was then informed that I was going to be working with baby powder and cement all day! Seriously people from the WWD office would come up to me and be like "Ohhhh hahaha so you're the intern who's wearing all black!"...let me just say that by the end of the day I was COVERED in white, I was beyond embarrassed when walking back to Bryant Park to catch the bus back home in Staten Island. The other two photo shoots were with models and and it was so much fun seeing how the hairstylist, makeup artist, stylist, model(s) and photographer all collaborated with each other to create a look.

Everything I have learned from doing these projects will definitely benefit me when creating a look book this summer at Parsons Paris. The class I'm taking is all about styling, projecting an image that would gear towards a specific market, creating photographs at professional photo shoots, and finally creating an entire look book. Should be fun!!

(By the way...I know these pictures came out a bit on the blue-ish side, but it was really sunny out today!)

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