Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stereo Mood

I have a new favorite website that my brother Nick told me about called Stereo Mood. Basically you go on their website and choose the mood you are in; there are dozens to choose from including Lonely, Chillout, Melancholy, Sad, Sexy, Feel Like Crying, Groovy, etc. In each category there are hundreds of really good songs that reflect the mood perfectly. Anyone is able to add a song to a category as well, which gives the website a lot of diversity. You can also shuffle the playlist so that you can discover new songs in the category! I usually listen to Reading, Sleepy, Calm and Acoustic when doing homework. So ya, all in all I am absolutely addicted to this website and have discovered around 100 amazing songs that I have added to my iTunes playlist. I hope you all enjoy it as well :)

Link: Stereo Mood

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